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Will Compact Florescent Lamps and/or Florescent Fixtures Save the Day?

July 19th, 2010
Compact Florescent Lamp

Compact Florescent Lamp

IT is obvious to say the Compact Florescent replacement lamps (CFLs) can save energy and they will pay for themselves many times over by comparison to powering an incandescent bulb.

I personally use them in my home and office.  I am however not convinced that I am doing the right thing for the power system.

Consider an older home (or office); the electrical system (breakers, transformers, etc.) were engineered for mostly “traditional” linear loads.  An example of a linear load is a resistive load as in incandescent lights, AC Motors and electric heaters.

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Uni Flys to Energy Efficiency

June 2nd, 2010

Wright State UniversityIN Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A., the Wright State University, named after the local claimed inventors of powered flight the Wright brothers, have recently been making substantial energy savings.

Public bodies, such as Universities and Hospitals, are heavy users of energy and a few basic measures can save a substantial amount financially and environmentally.

Wright State have their own newspaper “The Guardian” which in part reported the following details:

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Energy Saving MythBusters

January 11th, 2010

A computer off switchTHERE is so much advice out there to help us all save energy, which is a good thing, except myth and sound advice often get mixed. So here are a few MythBusters.

Plus a few tips for the workplace to help you start to save energy right away by dismissing the myths while taking some positive actions to save energy, save money and reduce carbon emissions.

First of all some myths regarding energy saving:

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CFL Concerns Answered

October 13th, 2009

cfl_lampA great article has appeared in The Oklahoman newspaper, addressing some of the concerns regarding using energy saving CFL lights. Here is the article in full:

It is time to get the facts and the myths about compact fluorescent bulbs — CFLs — to address the concerns, questions and rumors that seem to be everywhere these days.

And because I often hear from readers complaining that the CFLs they buy never last very long, I tried to find out the best ways to use the bulbs so they reach the promised lifetimes their manufacturers claim. Consider the following:

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