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Upgrading Buildings to Improve Energy Efficiency Pays

August 20th, 2011

THE U.S. Green Buildings Council (USGBC) claim that investing in building energy efficiency is central to the country reducing its energy consumption by 23 percent by 2020, saving $1.2 trillion – showing it truly does pay to improve energy efficiency.

The conclusion comes from a study sponsored by USGBC on the benefits of green buildings, combined with other non-transportation initiatives. Apart from the substantial monetary savings, environmentally it will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1.1 gigatons annually.

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Upgrade to Energy Efficiency

October 25th, 2010

Anissa S. Febrina has written and interesting article in the Jakarta Post about upgrading buildings so they are energy efficient.

The article, most of which appears below, states how often finding the money for the energy monitoring solutions and the load-side products can be a stumbling block, but the article explains that the money saved from reduced energy bills over a fairly short period provides a great return on investment.

What is also of interest is the article does highlight how Indonesia is now realising how important it is to become energy efficient. I know from speaking to people from Indonesia that climate change, energy efficiency and security has not been a concern – hence it is good to see they are sitting up and taking notice.

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Power the Future

June 12th, 2010

Gribble - the future of power generation?

Alternative energy sources are always being sought, it was not that long ago that solar, wind and heat pump were slightly off the wall alternative energy sources – now they are regarded as perfectly normal and needed.

Recently I was reading and interesting blog that offered some other sources of energy you may not have thought about (positiveenergy) – maybe alternatives that will be become fully accepted in the not to distant future.

Nations and governments may rely of Gribbles to combat concerns over energy security, let alone climate change – Gribble, yes Gribbles, check out what the future energy sources could be:

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Uni Flys to Energy Efficiency

June 2nd, 2010

Wright State UniversityIN Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A., the Wright State University, named after the local claimed inventors of powered flight the Wright brothers, have recently been making substantial energy savings.

Public bodies, such as Universities and Hospitals, are heavy users of energy and a few basic measures can save a substantial amount financially and environmentally.

Wright State have their own newspaper “The Guardian” which in part reported the following details:

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Pacific Island Nations Liken Global Warming to an Invading Army

May 21st, 2010

ISLAND nations in the Pacific nations liken global warming to an invading army – hence in a plea to the UN Security Council they want to break the stalemate in negotiations about a legally binding global climate treaty.

The 11 nations, the Pacific Small Island Developing States, have written to members of the Security Council, which oversees threats to international peace and security, and have argued that the threat to them from a warmer world along with rising sea levels is similar to armed conflict and invasion.

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Industry Blind To Money Just Lying There

March 8th, 2010

Energy Saving with EniginThe Sydney Morning Herald carried a great report about a new Australian government report that undermines the view that industry will be detrimentally affected by carbon emission targets.

Apart from an interesting article there was a great quote in the piece that could be used powerfully to industry and commerce.

Rob Murray-Leach, the Chief Executive of the Energy Efficiency Council said:

”Economic purists have been telling us that if there were $100 notes lying around, industry would have already picked them up. This report shows that companies have blind spots – sometimes you have to help them find the $100 notes.”

What a great line, but how true as well.

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2010 The Year For Energy Efficiency

January 25th, 2010

GREEN-tech experts reckon 2010 will be dominated by investments in energy efficiency, so claims the Silicon Valley Mercury News.

The US government is certainly driving energy efficiency with US Energy Secretary Steven Chu usually describes himself as an “energy-efficiency nut.”

Venture capital investment in energy efficiency hit a record in 2009: at least 115 deals worth nearly $1 billion, according to a preliminary tally by the Cleantech Group and Deloitte. That’s an increase of 39 percent from 2008. In comparison, solar was down 64 percent from 2008, and there’s increasing talk about solar being “overfunded.”

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Energy Efficiency For Empire State

December 16th, 2009

new-york-sealA New York State board has recommended an energy plan to make energy more affordable, particularly through energy efficiency.

In an Energy Efficiency Assesment report issued on Tuesday (click here to see report) New York State provided very interesting recommendations that could move the Empire State to the lead position in the US as far as a clean energy economy is concerned and it makes financial sense as well.

The plan recommends energy efficiency as a major focus for commerce and industry and a new state building code that would also require stricter energy efficiency. Not only will this bring environmental benefits but the costing is a no-brainer, as the return on investment in energy efficiency is substantial – to quote the report:

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“Start with energy efficiency” – Sir John Parker

November 20th, 2009

sir_john_parker_03The UK newspaper the Daily Telegraph ran a special report last week which is of interest to all those who want to save energy.

They interviewed Sir John Parker, who is Chairman of the National Grid in the UK, but has been involved in many other varied major industrial and commercial corporations. In most of these he has championed sustainability and has implemented many environmental and energy policies.

Andrew Cave, the writer of the piece, described Sir John as evangelical about the need for companies to invest in energy efficiency. What Sir John stated in the interview was the highlight for me and I would like to share his words with you.

Sir John told the Telegraph regarding energy efficiency:

“It’s the area that doesn’t always seem to me to get the highest attention and it’s the lowest-cost way of reducing one’s carbon footprint,

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CFL Concerns Answered

October 13th, 2009

cfl_lampA great article has appeared in The Oklahoman newspaper, addressing some of the concerns regarding using energy saving CFL lights. Here is the article in full:

It is time to get the facts and the myths about compact fluorescent bulbs — CFLs — to address the concerns, questions and rumors that seem to be everywhere these days.

And because I often hear from readers complaining that the CFLs they buy never last very long, I tried to find out the best ways to use the bulbs so they reach the promised lifetimes their manufacturers claim. Consider the following:

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