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Information-Based Energy Efficiency Can Save Big

June 1st, 2011

THE U.S. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) announced the findings of a major study analysing the impact of information-based energy efficiency programmes, which produced impressive results.

The report identifies energy reductions that could generate billions in savings for Americans and reduce carbon (CO2) emissions by more than 8.9 million metric tons per year if extended nationwide. 

The EDF analysis released relies on data gathered from 11 different utilities in six states. The data analysed includes more than 22 million meter reads, gathered over periods of a minimum of twelve months from each of the deployments. The report analyses the effectiveness of these programmes and estimates the impact of taking these savings to the national scale.

Kate Robertson, Energy Efficiency Specialist at EDF, said at the launch of the report: “Energy efficiency is widely considered one of the greatest untapped energy resources. This study confirms that simple behavioral changes generate consistent savings across a wide range of utilities and demographics.

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The Importance of Power Monitoring

April 18th, 2011

As an Energy Engineer I use this saying.  “A single data point is worth 1000 opinions”.

This phrase will inevitably come up during my discussions with clients who are trying to justify an investment into power monitoring equipment.

Now envision a team of Managing Directors, Procurement and Production Managers all wringing their hands over whether to move forward with an energy monitoring/reduction program.  Each personality will enter the discussion from a differing mindset offering their “opinions” as to the usefulness of data monitoring, as with Enigin PLC’s Eniscope.

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