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Energy Efficiency Financing Needed by Businesses and Organsiations

January 23rd, 2012 by Steve Hill Leave a reply »

RESEARCH shows that UK businesses and organisations want to improve their energy efficiency and can now overcome the negatives of the current economic climate with help from a financing scheme.

The estimated market for energy efficiency equipment finance in the UK is enormous, with research estimating that the market over the next three years in England alone, is around £8.8bn ($13.6bn). This analysis, based on official business emissions data from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, reveals the scale of the opportunity for energy cost savings.

Yet however strong the desire to upgrade to new energy efficiency technology, organisations remain cautious about investing during an uncertain economic environment, especially in light of the tight lending market.

The Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF) scheme, launched by the UK’s Carbon Trust and Siemens, provides a solution to this dilemma for UK commerce, industry and the public sector.

The EEF scheme has made £550 million ($850m) available to organisations to finance investments in green equipment over the next three years.

Monthly payments are matched to real monthly energy cost savings, which means firms effectively avoid paying extra for energy efficiency investment and can often be cash positive from the start of the payment term.

The scheme provides an alternative source of credit that is additional to, and independent from, lines of credit from a bank which are often subject to market and economic volatility.

Through the EEF scheme businesses and organisations in the UK have an easy and affordable means of acquiring a wide spectrum of energy efficiency equipment for values as little as £1,000 through to many hundreds of thousands of pounds, over a period which suits their cash flow.

Energy Efficiency Financing is available to all kinds of businesses and organisations, from sole traders and partnerships through to large corporates, local authorities and other public sector organisations.

Enigin Distributors across the UK welcome this scheme as it could help their clients to finance the installation of energy efficiency equipment from Enigin, leading to savings in energy and costs, along with providing control of their energy use.


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