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Importance of Energy Efficiency PR

October 1st, 2011 by Steve Hill Leave a reply »

“Energy efficiency PR” often refers to public relations campaigns that highlight a company’s efforts to operate in a “green” manner.  These days, it’s cool to be green and everybody wants to show off their commitment to preserving our depleted store of natural resources.  But there is another facet of energy efficiency PR that may be even more important, namely, PR that raises awareness about efficient products that consumers can incorporate into their everyday lives.  This type of energy efficiency PR doesn’t just generate positive press for companies seeking to compete in today’s cutthroat marketplace.  It truly promotes a greener world by encouraging consumers to use energy efficient products whenever possible.  The new “ENERGY STAR Most Efficient” program serves as a perfect example of this.

The Environmental Protection Agency’s “ENERGY STAR Most Efficient” program identifies and promotes the most efficient products on the market.  Products that qualify for the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient award are efficient in ways that are truly exceptional, inspirational, and cutting-edge.  They earn a sticker that helps them stand out to consumers who want to cut utility costs and reduce their carbon footprints.  This sticker functions as an energy efficiency PR campaign for “ENERGY STAR Most Efficient” winners by generating credibility, visibility, and popularity.   It serves as an important symbol of the relationship between each appliance and the public- one that is symbiotic, reliable and full of trust.  This kind of relationship is the ultimate goal of a successful energy efficiency PR campaign.

In this way, energy efficiency PR becomes a type of public service.  It brings consumers into contact with products that save them money and allow them to treat the environment with great care and respect.  As a consumer, it can be hard to be selfish and selfless at the same time.  But by promoting the most environmentally-responsible products, energy efficiency PR makes that feat possible.


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    Really Interesting! These types of public relations campaigns regarding energy efficiency is essential for raising awareness among people. Great appreciation for their effort for bringing in such a valuable programs.

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