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Motoring to Energy Saving

July 22nd, 2011

WE use them everyday, probably without realising it, they are everywhere and according to the IEA they account for about 45 percent of the world’s power consumption – electric motors.

The IEA (International Energy Authority) has carried out new analysis that highlights that electric motors are by and far the greatest energy consumers, offering tremendous energy saving opportunities. Running in second place of the power consumption league, according to the analysis, is lighting, making up 19 percent of global power consumption.

Regarding the the IEA analysis journalist Joe Hogan explains it in simplified form, that every second power plant is generating electricity just to run electric motors. In detail, the power demanded by motors every 60 seconds, is enough power to supply 13,000 households in India (think about it – that is every minute!) – which is 13,318,113 kWh.
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