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The U.S. set for Unsustainability

March 7th, 2011

I was sat reading the newspaper on Saturday, the UK’s Guradian, which I chose to buy because it had a free offer my wife would appreciate, when I read an article on action in the USA to stymie energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reduction measures.

Recently I wrote a post based on what one of our U.S. Enigin Partners had sent through to me regarding the challenges in the States from politicians to sustainability efforts – the Guardian article is moving the story on a little further.

The original story appeared on the Guardian blog on Friday, written by Suzanne Goldenberg, the paper’s US environment correspondent and should be of great interest to not only the population of the states, but in fact the global community.

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Benchmark Your Building and Save

March 3rd, 2011

I found this great post by By Harry Hobbs of the InterContinental Hotel in San Francisco on that makes very interesting reading for anyone interested in saving energy.

The original post is from January and has been overtaken by events in San Francisco, where last week I reported on the Enigin news feeds that that the city’s non-commercial buildings will be required to report their energy use/efficiency, but this article is still of interest for the points it makes. If you are a business owner, a decision maker or landlord take this post on board.

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