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Uni Flys to Energy Efficiency

June 2nd, 2010 by Steve Hill Leave a reply »

Wright State UniversityIN Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A., the Wright State University, named after the local claimed inventors of powered flight the Wright brothers, have recently been making substantial energy savings.

Public bodies, such as Universities and Hospitals, are heavy users of energy and a few basic measures can save a substantial amount financially and environmentally.

Wright State have their own newspaper “The Guardian” which in part reported the following details:

Dayton Power and Light has awarded $118,000 in rebates to Wright Sate in just the first year of the University’s energy conservation project.

Wright State could potentially receive an additional $200,000 for using new lighting techniques to save energy. The rebates from DP&L have allowed WSU to upgrade all lighting on campus.

“Upgrading light fixtures everywhere on campus was phase one,” said Wright State Energy Manager, John Howard. “It touched every room within the university, which has never been done before.”

These upgrades have already saved WSU 32 percent on lighting energy alone….

“To save energy, sometimes it takes a considerable investment because you need to have greater equipment,” said Howard. “There’s always something more efficient out there.”

Associate director of the WSU physical plant, Bill Knotts further explained the process.

“Florescent lights at Home Depot used to run about ten bucks and now you can get them for a dollar,” said Knotts. “That was part of the rebate from Dayton Power and Light. This project is the same thing, just on a much larger scale.”

In addition to the money gained from the rebates, Wright State will also benefit from an estimated annual energy savings of $45,000.

This is interesting as these projected savings are just by changing the lighting, they are obviously benefiting from the rebates from the utility company and there will no doubt be grants available from the Federal or State government.

Although WSU are changing lights to more energy efficient products an intelligent lighting management system would also contribute to major savings.

All WSU needs now is a way of monitoring their energy use to discover where the greatest savings could be made, as Bethune-Cookman University did in Florida (Check out the story).

Universities and other public bodies can make serious savings on harmful emissions and in money which will boost hard hit budgets and services – but as in the case of Wright University action has to be taken and consideration of energy monitoring for effective energy management.


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