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Energy Efficiency How II – Take Control

April 1st, 2010 by Steve Hill Leave a reply »

Entertainment and Appliances

One of the best ways to see where you can cut your energy use is by understanding exactly what you are using and when.

It is possible to find out how much electricity your appliances and entertainment systems are using when switched on, on standby or simply left plugged in.

There are many devices now on the market which will tell you your electricity consumption and what it is costing you. As a result you can then take steps to reduce your energy usage and reduce your energy bills.

Be In Control

  • Check all of your timers and thermostats.
  • Ensure your heating and hot water is not on when no one is in the house or needs to use hot water.
  • Reduce you hot water temperature to 60 degrees, it will still be piping hot.
  • Put thermostatic controllers on your radiators.
  • Reduce your room thermostat to a comfortable temperature depending on your needs.

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    That would be interesting – please submit an article

  2. Rina says:


    I have read hundreds of sites regarding green energy.
    Decieded to build my own solar panels – and got a great guide to do it.
    I was quit easy and I now have free electricity and clean !!

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