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Energy Efficiency V – Keeping Warm Or Cool

April 12th, 2010

Space heating and cooling accounts for most of the energy we use in our homes but many properties do not adequately retain the temperature generated inside.

There are some simple steps we can take to keep warm or cool and save energy to prevent wasting the money we are spending to heat and cool our homes:

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Energy Efficiency How IV – Reducing Consumption

April 9th, 2010

Reducing Consumption

Governments are investing lots of money in educating people about their use of energy in the home and many people are taking actions towards becoming more energy efficient.

The additional benefit for many people is a reduction in fuel bills.

With the cost of energy continually rising many home owners are now looking at how they can save money through being more energy efficient.

Some of the most effective actions are listed below:

  • Turn lights off when not in a room
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs
  • Turn all electrical appliances off when not in use
  • Remove chargers and PC peripherals from plug sockets
  • Reduce hot water thermostat to 60 degrees
  • Reduce space heating thermostat to below 21 degrees depending on your needs
  • Only switch heating and lighting when at home
  • Only boil the water you need in the kettle
  • Keep fridge and freezer doors shut as much as possible
  • Dry clothes outside

Undertaking just a few of the measures above could save up to £30/$45 annually. Simply turning down your heating thermostat 1 degree could save up to 10% off your fuel bills every year.

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Energy Efficiency How III – Keep Control

April 6th, 2010

Here is a list of small but effective measures you can take to save up to £250/$380 or more per year.

Draught Excluders

Buy draught excluders and proofing devices for your doors and windows.

Make sure you cover your locks and have a draught excluder in your letter box. This could save you £20/$30 per year


Use energy saving light bulbs and always switch off your lights when not at home or in a room. This could save you £18/$27 per year per bulb.

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Energy Efficiency How II – Take Control

April 1st, 2010

Entertainment and Appliances

One of the best ways to see where you can cut your energy use is by understanding exactly what you are using and when.

It is possible to find out how much electricity your appliances and entertainment systems are using when switched on, on standby or simply left plugged in.

There are many devices now on the market which will tell you your electricity consumption and what it is costing you. As a result you can then take steps to reduce your energy usage and reduce your energy bills.

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