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Industry Blind To Money Just Lying There

March 8th, 2010 by Steve Hill Leave a reply »

Energy Saving with EniginThe Sydney Morning Herald carried a great report about a new Australian government report that undermines the view that industry will be detrimentally affected by carbon emission targets.

Apart from an interesting article there was a great quote in the piece that could be used powerfully to industry and commerce.

Rob Murray-Leach, the Chief Executive of the Energy Efficiency Council said:

”Economic purists have been telling us that if there were $100 notes lying around, industry would have already picked them up. This report shows that companies have blind spots – sometimes you have to help them find the $100 notes.”

What a great line, but how true as well.

The article further highlighted that investment is needed by business into energy efficiency but what do you expect if you want a great return – as Murray-Leach, a former adviser to the climate economist Ross Garnaut, said energy efficiency should be viewed in the same way as other business investments – you need to spend to generate a return.

”Some people say that tackling climate change is too expensive, we should wait to see what the world does first. This report shows that there is a huge amount we could do right now to cut our emissions and grow our economy.”

The Australian government report shows that industry their could “pick-up”, as it were, $736 million – not may not seem too much in industrial terms but we are talking about a country with just under 22 million population so in context it is a sizable amount, for the US it would be well over $10 billion from just one sector!

It just show what money is “lying around” and yet being ignored – it is about time industry opened it’s eyes, they may not be concerned about climate change but why walk by billions of dollars just sitting there when they could be picking it up, particularly in these tougher times?


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