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“Start with energy efficiency” – Sir John Parker

November 20th, 2009 by Steve Hill Leave a reply »

sir_john_parker_03The UK newspaper the Daily Telegraph ran a special report last week which is of interest to all those who want to save energy.

They interviewed Sir John Parker, who is Chairman of the National Grid in the UK, but has been involved in many other varied major industrial and commercial corporations. In most of these he has championed sustainability and has implemented many environmental and energy policies.

Andrew Cave, the writer of the piece, described Sir John as evangelical about the need for companies to invest in energy efficiency. What Sir John stated in the interview was the highlight for me and I would like to share his words with you.

Sir John told the Telegraph regarding energy efficiency:

“It’s the area that doesn’t always seem to me to get the highest attention and it’s the lowest-cost way of reducing one’s carbon footprint,

“With energy efficiency improvements you get a triple win: you reduce energy consumption; you make your business more cost efficient, which protects and creates jobs; and you reduce emissions. So, it seems to me that we ought to put much more effort into reducing our energy consumption.” Sir John said.

He was also asked this question by the paper:

If you had one message to fellow business leaders on building a low carbon business, what would it be?

“Start with energy efficiency; I think it’s that simple.

“There’s a danger that you can get too esoteric about this. If you take the mine-head power stations that we have at Anglo American, they capture methane which would otherwise escape – but we’re also capturing a free fuel to create the power.

“So, it’s sustainability and energy, it’s energy efficiency, and it’s reduction of carbon capture. It’s a lovely three-way hit, but it’s driven by energy sustainability in its wider sense.”

Just further evidence, this time from someone who has been there and done it, that energy efficiency and using innovative energy saving technology is the way forward for commerce and industry.

It is good to see someone in the higher echelons of the business world realising the importance environmentally of energy saving but also the fiscal advantages that it brings to businesses.

He has a great interest in sustainability and it is worth reading the whole piece – Curbing The Carbon Culture – The Daily Telegraph.

Sir John Parker’s CV as published by the Telegraph:

Over 27 years, Sir John, 67, has been on 13 quoted company boards, nine of which he has chaired.

He is still much in demand, adding the chairmanship of mining and minerals giant Anglo American to his non-executive portfolio this summer – just in time to see off a hostile takeover bid from rival Xstrata. His past chairmanships have included three dual-listed companies in cruise ship operator Carnival, pallets giant Brambles and paper group Mondi.

In addition to chairing Anglo American and National Grid, he is vice-chairman at DP World and a non-executive director at Airbus maker EADS and US cruise ship operator Carnival. He has only recently relinquished the joint non-executive chairmanship at paper group Mondi.


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  1. Ian says:

    When business leaders like Sir John Parker are actively promoting energy efficiency as “the lowest cost way of reducing one’s Carbon Footprint”… it underscores the view of the supporters and authors of this blog that energy effecience is no longer an option… it’s a must!

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