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YouTube Copenhagen Video

October 15th, 2009 by Steve Hill Leave a reply »

YouTube have produced their own video encouraging everyone to raise their voice over climate change.

Here is the YouTube blurb accompanying the video -

Bring your voice to the world leaders at COP15 – the most important conference on climate change in a decade.
As nations seek an agreement to protect the world we want your views from all across the world.

Watch the video below

Make energy saving and efficiency the number one priority.



  1. Ed says:

    Great video, well done YouTube for getting behind the cause!

  2. Sam Ghauch says:

    I find it so ‘naive’ when I read again and again in the media about ‘Saving the Planet’!
    ‘We’ as human beings are nothing compared to ‘mother nature’ and the power of planet earth when it decides to unleash its anger onto us.
    Honestly and ironically, we are not trying to save the planet; rather we are trying to save ourselves from the planet by not letting her destroy us…
    In my opinion, the best strategic defensive roadmap to save ourselves from the ‘anger’ of planet earth is to control, reduce, and eliminate energy wastage and inefficiencies.

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