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IEA Urges Nations Act On Energy Efficiency

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The IEAThe International Energy Agency (IEA) yesterday (14 Oct 2009) pushed for its members and other nations to improve their energy efficiency.

The Paris-based agency made this appeal at a ministerial meeting held in the headquarters of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Jean-Yves Garnier, the director of the IEA energy statistics office, wished for the ministerial conference to send a clear message to their 28 member states.

The IEA’s Scoreboard for 2009 revealed that energy efficiency improved on average annually by 1.9 percent between 1979 and 1990, but in recent years that improvement had fallen to only 1 percent.

IEA analysts reason that, since the 1980s oil price hike ended, many countries cut back on their efforts on energy efficiency.

The IEA was established in 1974 after the oil crisis, the inter-governmental institution acts as a policy advisor to 28 member countries, but also works with many other countries.

The agency has recently focused on energy security, economic development and environmental protection, the so-called 3Es.


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