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Energy Efficiency Scheme Will Save Cash And Carbon

October 7th, 2009 by Steve Hill Leave a reply »

Below is the press release from the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change:

decc-logoReducing energy use will save organisations a total of £1 billion and more than 4MtCO2 each year by 2020

The final details of the UK Government’s scheme to save organisations money on fuel bills and to reduce carbon emissions have been unveiled today by the UK’sDepartment of Energy and Climate Change.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme is a new regulatory incentive to improve energy efficiency in large public and private sector organisations. Large energy users in business and the public sector will be required to take part in the scheme from 1st April 2010 (not the best of dates – ed).

Following extensive consultation with businesses and trade bodies, DECC has made some improvements to the scheme:

    • To smooth the introduction of the scheme and to help ease the upfront costs, organisations will only have to report emissions in the first year (2010/11). In subsequent years organisations will have to buy allowances corresponding to their emissions from energy use, and then surrender them by the end of the year.
    • In the second year (2011/12) extra weighting will be given to organisations which take action early to improve energy efficiency.
    • Recognition will be given to organisations which use onsite renewable energy like wind turbines or solar panels by publishing the increased carbon savings from such measures.
    • Organisations will be given greater flexibility in how they participate. Subsidiaries who are large enough to qualify in own right (at least 6000MWh) may opt to do so separately from their organisational group.
    • Given the primary focus of the scheme is energy efficiency, the CRC will now be known as CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

It is good to see governments taking actions such as these – if there is a problem it is in the fact that this “regulatory incentive” is not understood by many in commerce and industry!


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  1. Rueben Wigle says:

    Appreciate the blog. I’ve been building solar panels for small businesses for ages now and doing pretty well… Glad I found this place.

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