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October 12th, 2009 by Steve Hill Leave a reply »

Photo from San Franciso Airport

I read an article the other day about a growing trend for air travellers, purportedly allowing them to reset the balance of things environmentally, very conveniently and cheaply, assuaging troubled consciences and all through a modern form of a confessional, a kiosk!.

Apparently air travellers can voluntarily purchase “credit” from a kiosk at airports that will off-set the carbon contribution that the airplane they will travel on spews into the atmosphere. I can hardly believe this.

Can you truly soothe your conscience (that is if you feel guilty) by sending a sum of money to an organization who will then further perpetuate your guilt over carbon usage?

While at this kiosk, you input the trip details and it will calculate the amount of emissions you are producing from your trip.

Example: Travelling from Los Angeles, California to Boston, Massachusetts (USA), it would calculate a carbon (offset) fee of about $11.00 (USD).

What would you get for this $11.00?  A piece of paper that represents the fact that a colorless, odorless gas, which will be emitted on your behalf to shift you through the air to your destination, might be offset and  used in another part of the world therefore balancing the scales a bit.

You might get some indication that your funds went toward the preservation of some rain forest project or a local climate initiative.

It is my opinion that this is way too abstract and will not have any effect on carbon emissions whatsoever.

I do believe that money will continue to fuel the many myths that are being generated about climate change, diverting from any proper discourse on the subject. Save your money and use it yourself to become more environmentally effective.

For my $11.00, I would sooner purchase a piece of rope for drying my clothes, switch out my outdated light bulbs to compact fluorescent lamps (CFL’s) or ride a bicycle to the market.  This will offer a true sense of saving and if you are prone to carbon use guilt, these solutions should help remedy that as well.

That is at least some direct action, it also requires more input from myself than simply using my credit card for carbon credits!


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