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Energy Efficiency or New Power?

August 7th, 2009

stack1AS Media-Manager at Enigin Plc I scan the news constantly, and this week I have been tracking news from around the world about the importance of building new power sources for energy security and to fulfil future power demands. Whether renewable solutions such as the solar power plant planned by India, or the more traditional methods of coal or nuclear power being planned by many others, the question in the headline is apropos.

Energy saving is what we are about on this blog, not energy production, hence we lean towards emphasis on energy efficiency instead of new or more power but the plans for new power sources, renewable or otherwise is essential – for security and due to an increasing demand. We cannot be energy efficient if we haven’t got any energy in the first place.

By the same token energy efficiency will and does have a huge affect on the amount of power used or needed.

In the west we regard a reasonably constant supply as the norm, but in many countries that is not the case.

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